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Shanghai Lei Di Compressor Co.,Ltd.
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¡¡¡¡Shanghai Lei Di Compressor Co.,Ltd.is a corporation " uphold innovation embodied value" concept,in response to the national energy-saving emission reduction Green environmental protection compressor manufacturing enterprises,to build a world-class air compressor manufacturing base.Shanghai Lei Di Compressor Co. Ltd. has become the current domestic air compressor intelligent the most industrialized large-scale productionbase,production of highly intelligent enterprise can change,standarization,humanization.The company introduced the milling machine,grinder¡­¡¡¡¡<More>
Lei Di screw air compressor mainframe and motor for the direct connection, transmission ratio is 100%, compared with the same specifications to improve the efficiency of the motor 2-8%. Lei Di screw air compressor motor without bearing, oil seal, eliminate, bearing fault motor cost savings, reduce routine maintenance and maintenance.
The inter stage pressure ratio is low, lower bearing load, prolong the service life of the host, circumfluence leakage, improve efficiency, reduce the intake resistance design of gravity type inlet valve. With high efficiency and energy saving motor, local special treatment on the frequency conversion motor and plateau motors, each motor factory in a rigorous test.
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